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An oldie, but a goodie, the SW Series of inverter / chargers has lasted longer than most any other computer/electronic device I have ever seen. Think about it. I still have customers with working SW inverters that were built in 1997 and 1998. How many computers do you still have around your house that were built in 1998 that you actually can use each day? I know some are starting to die off and are being replaced, but will those new inverters last for same length of time?

Trace Engineering was the original company to build the SW series inverters. Trace Engineering was purchased by Xantrex. Xantrex was purchased by Schneider Electric recently.

Left Image: Typical professional installation of a SW Stack.
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SW Brochures
& Manuals

Xantrex Sales Brochure / Technical Specification: 970-0030-01-02(SW_Inverters).pdf

Trace Brand Sales Brochure / Technical Specifications: SWspecification.pdf

Trace Bifold Catalog / Advertisement (year 2000 vintage): 970-0038-01-01.pdf

SW Series Inverter / Charger Owner's Manual (4.01): 2031-5.pdf

SW IPP (Integrated Power Panel) (Pictured Above) Installation Manual: pp.pdf

SWRC Installation Guide: swrc.pdf

SWI Series (120/240) Stacking Interface Cable for SW and PS Series Inverters: 975-0013-01-01.pdf

SWI PAR Parallel (120 only) Stacking Interface Cable for SW and PS Series Inverters: SWI Parallel Stacking.pdf

SW Software 4.01 to 4.10 and other UL Related Changes: SW/976-0013-01-01.pdf

DC250 Disconnect Box (the original e-Panel): 2219-DC250-Manual.pdf

TX Autotransformer Installation Guide: TX4K Autotransformer.pdf

A common failure in this inverter is a burnt AC Transfer Relay.
Here is the datasheet for that relay:  Deltrol Power Relay 375P for Trace Inverter.pdf
The part is available from online electronics retailers.

Xantrex Photo Archive

The SW Photo Shoot.

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Xantrex SWCB

The SWCB (Conduit Box) fits on the DC end the inverter and gives protection to the large battery cable connection on the side of the inverter. It has several conduit knock-outs for battery cables and other DC connections.

The SWCB Conduit Box with its cover.

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