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Solar Electric Fence Driver

The idea is simple. Rope off an area to prevent animals from encroaching.

The rope is a thin ribbon of plastic mesh woven with 3-4 stainless wires. There are three areas taped off and I only have one using a solar powered fence charger. The horses don't trespass on any of the areas.

This is a no-brainer for cost. Digging several ditches to provide power to the charger is crazy. This unit is solar powered with battery backup...

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Safety should never be a Post Script. Don't come in contact with the fence. It is designed to train animals not to touch. It is very mild, but can DO HARM TO YOU AND YOURS... SO BE CAREFUL!!! DON'T TOUCH THE FENCE. DON'T TRICK YOUR FRIENDS TO TOUCH THE FENCE. DON'T LICK YOUR FINGERS AND TOUCH THE FENCE. DON'T GO OUT IN THE RAIN AND TOUCH THE FENCE. DON'T PEE ON THE FENCE.  

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