Example System: Isle of Elle

Cabin System, Weekend Getaway, Retirement Location...

Located in South Carolina, this system powers a complete weekend Island.

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Living Quarters

A raised deck encloses the lower level, shop, galley and bathroom. The upper deck has the Sibley Tent, View Balcony and Solar panels (for now, subject to moving).
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Solar Electric Power

Comprised of an MidNite Solar e-Panel with one Xantrex DR2412 inverter, 6 each Siemens 70W Monocrystalline Silicon Panels with MX60 and Trimetric T2020. Plus, 6 each Trojan L-16HC Batteries.
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Water System

Fresh water comes from the 60/140 feet well, hand dug by the owner.

Hot water is made by solar pre-heat & on-demand propane heater. Bosch Aquastar and Noritz Always Hot are good sources for Hot Water.

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