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Cabin System, Weekend Getaway, Retirement Location...

Located in Texas, this system powers a complete weekend home.

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Living Quarters

A Pacific Yurt starts the complex providing a Living Room, Kitchen Dining Area & First Bedroom. The Bath house is external to the Yurt, but joined by the deck that surrounds the Yurt. A second Master Suite area finishes off the complex and adds an additional bathroom and office/study.
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Solar Electric Power

Comprised of an Outback Power PS2 with one VFX3624 inverter, 4 each Sharp 208W Polycrystalline Silicon Panels. Plus, 8 each Trojan L-16HC Batteries. Backup Power is provided by a Generac Quiet Source Generator.
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Wind Power Supplement

Also included is a Southwest Wind Power Whisper 200 with Controller & Display. See more.
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Water Collection System

Fresh water comes from the metal roof and is stored on site in a Tank Town installed water catchment system.
Filtration and UV light source insure high quality water. There are two filters, one 25 micron and one 5 micron filter. The UV light source is after the fine filter and is used to kill bacteria and other critters. Sanitron makes the UV filter. www.ultraviolet.com  Sanitron Catalog 981169.pdf

Hot water is made by on-demand heater. Bosch Aquastar and Noritz Always Hot are good sources for Hot Water.

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