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The Premise

Take old Gas Pumps and reuse them for solar powered charging stations at events, fairs and around town...

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The Build

1. Beth takes the guts out of the old Gas Pump.
2. Maverick Solar adds a NEMA3R rated (rain-tight outdoor) box to the inside of the pump frame, with Solar Powered electronics such as Charge Controllers, Inverters and Safety gear. The Modular approach keeps it simple.
3. Beth has a custom power monitor display built to show the power usage and battery status.
4. Add plenty of color and graphics to describe the purpose and to give it style and character
5. Reduce grid usage by making power locally, Re use the old pump, Recycle metal to fabricate the support framer and the left over parts.

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You Tube Video

Beth describes the Gas Pump Charging Station design idea and construction philosophy.
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System Schematic

Basic wiring diagram (without shunt detail)
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