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The Solar Pathfinderl is an awesome tool to quickly and accurately evaluate the solar potential of a site. In just a few minutes, you can determine how much sun will be available all day long, all year! It works by casting the surrounding vista on a dome shaped globe. The image of the surroundings are reflected on the dome. Under the dome, a Sun Chart maps the solar exposure. A simple digital photo can record the year round solar access.

The customer want to place the solar near the fence. Everyone wanted to make sure there would be nothing blocking the sun from shining on the Solar Array. As you can see in the Solar Pathfinder photo, the roofline and chimney are blocking a good portion of the morning sun... bummer!

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Makes the Unknown, Known:
The Solar PathFinder work great for pointing you in the right direction without too much calculating or pondering. We quickly laid out where the panels would go in this house, and decided the best location.s fast! You can quickly measure the solar exposure while walking around looking for the best spot.

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Clear does not always mean simple
To be honest, some locations, like in this photo, do leave use scratching our heads. Within a few moments after arriving at this potential customer's house we know that we are in for a big project based on where the PV Modules might need to be mounted

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< < < Need for Speed > > >
The Solar PathFinder is fast! You can quickly measure the solar exposure while walking around looking for the best spot.

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After using the PathFinder for over 3 years, I have only dropped it twice from the roof of the house being inspected. The first time, it landed safely on the grass. The cool thing about it, is the construction. ABS Plastic is very lite, so as the small gust of wind knocked over the PathFinder, the dome and base fly like a saucer off the side of the building.

The second drop was from roof to the ground, but pavement is where the dome and tripod landed. The Aluminum legs of the tripod did not mind the landing, but the acrylic dome did get a scratch when it did the pavement. Luckily, Pathfinder Parts are available, so I can replace the dome if I continue to treat it so poorly. It might take some time, though.

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Solar Pathfinder
- a powerful non-electronic instrument that includes:
- Printed Manual (online version also available)
- Sunpath Diagrams (latitude & application specific)
- Angle estimator (for determining altitude and azimuth)
- White marking pen with extra leads
- Tool box specifically designed for the Pathfinder™
Solar Pathfinder™ gives an entire year’s solar potential for a given site in just seconds. This non-electronic instrument is ready-to-use upon receipt of shipment.

Solar Pathfinder Assistant is companion software that generates monthly sunpaths for each specific site latitude instead of relying on the stock latitude band diagrams. It includes weather data for North America, Central America, Europe, and Southwest Pacific.
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