PSPV Solar Array Disconnect

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The PSPV is placed close to the panels. The PSPV is used to connect all the panels together in proper groups to travel to the PS2DC disconnect. The box comes without any breakers and the proper number need to be ordered separately. (order as many as you need up front, so when you add panels, you will already have the needed breakers).

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The PSPV Power System PV Combiner. Provides series over current protection of PV module circuits. PSPV Installation Instructions

OBPV Breakers

The OBPV Breakers make it easy to configure a proper PV Disconnect. The PSPV holds 12 breakers and the most popular sizes are 10, 15 and 30 amps. Each breaker is UL Listed and rated for 150Vdc.
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OBFH Fuse Holder

The OBFH Fuse Holders allow high voltage systems to use the PSPV. Normally, breakers are limited to 150Vdc. The Fuse Holder allow systems to be built to up to 600Vdc! The PSPV holds 8 fuse holders. The most popular sizes are 10, 15 and 30 amps.
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An example PSPV installation showing the start of the wiring to each panel string. Wiring to PS2DC had not been completed in this picture...
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