MATE 3 System Controller

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OutBack MATE 3

The MATE3 system display and controller is the next generation of communication interface, offering powerful insight into every aspect of your OutBack Power system.

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MATE 3 Specifications

These are the preliminary MATE 3 Specifications. MATE_3_SPEC_SHEET.PDF
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Left: The MATE 3 is a nice hand-held remote.
Center: The backside shows the basic connections. Left, Ethernet, Right Outback Port.
Right: Comparison of MATE 3 with the previous MATE

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Left: The User control pad is under a small cover that is held on by magnets. That is neat. The center button is a Control Wheel, similar to the old iPod. There are plenty of keys to get to the most commonly used features and even on favorite key for the user to program.
Center:  The inverter's daily graph gives the user a quick snap shot of what is happening.

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