Morningstar TriStar MPPT 3-Function Controller

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Morningstar TriStar MPPT

Morningstar makes a great solid controller in the TriStar Series with the TS-45 and TS-60 3-Function Controller. Modes for Solar Charge Controller, Load Controller or Diversion Controller in the same unit. Simple DIP Switch selects the proper operation, etc.

Now Morningstar has released their new MPPT version of the Tristar Controller and you can tell they listened to many suggestions from their customers...


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The Junction Box is great inside the TS-MPPT-45 and TS-MPPT-60. Plenty of room for the larger wire. It has an easy to use ground lug, since the terminal screw faces the front.

A simple yet handy DIP Switch for setting up the controller is easy to get to using a small flat screwdriver or pen.

As compared to the TS-MPPT-60, Notice that the TS-MPPT-45 does not have the Ethernet or EIA-485 ports... just serial and Modbus / Meter Port.

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Left Photo: Side by Side, the older TriStar PWM controller versus the TS-MPPT-45 version. The MPPT version is the same wall mount foot print, just deeper.
Center Photo:
TS-TMMP-45 Controller is very similar in layout to the PWM version.
Right Photo: TS-MPPT-60 Controller has the same PCB as the 45A version, with the extra communication ports built-in. Not sure why the 45A does not have those extra comm ports?

TriStar in Action

I built a basic off-grid system shipping overseas to Brazil.

The Morningstar TriStar Controller is a perfect fit for this 12 VDC System. The 45 Amp output limit means that several 80W PV Modules can be added as the system grows.

The 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter also provides a good amount of power for a basic off-grid home.

The MidNite Solar Mini-DC is a great box to mount all the Components.

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TriStar in Action

We use a lot of the of the TS-MPPT-60 in our industrial systems.

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