Morningstar SunSaver MPPT 15L 3-Function Controller

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Morningstar ProStar

This controller fills a niche perfectly. It operates on 12V or 24V (automatic detection) and has a 15A capacity

What makes it great:

1. MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
2. Simple Terminal Connections
3. Built in Load Controller, with Light Control Mode (Software Configurable)

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You can also save a buck by getting the display-free version. 

Example System using
the SS-MPPT-15L using
the optionally loaded
Light Control Mode.

Left Image: The SS-MPPT-15L mounted in its new home replacing the previous combo of PWM controller and timer (when was not reliable).
Next Image: Battery Bank photo showing the 24V wiring.
Next Image: Close-up shot of the SS-MPPT-15L, relay and small EXELTECH 125W sinewave inverter.
Next Image: 10 each, 25W equivalent Philips LED Bulbs only consume about 3W each.
Last Image: The system schematic
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