Morningstar ProStar 3-Function Controller

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Morningstar ProStar

My favorite PWM controller to date. The Morningstar ProStar PS-15M and PS-30M.

What makes it great:

1. Built in Display
2. Simple Terminal Connections
3. Built in Load Controller, with On-Off Switch

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You can also save a buck by getting the display-free version. 

Example System using

Left Image: The PS-15M is a great little controller that has everything. Great Terminal connections, display and Load On-Off Switch.
Next Image: A small 90W PV Module is plenty to keep this backup water system going.
Next Image: The ShurFlo RV pump is perfect for this occasional use system, considering the budget. 
Right Image: The 2500 gallon tank is enough to keep the water flowing during a power outage.
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