MidNite Solar MNBE-D Battery Box & Backup System

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MNBE-D Battery Box

The MNBE-D Box is a medium sized steel chassis that can hold 4, 8 or 12 batteries
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MNBE-D Magnum Backup System

We use both Magnum and Outback inverters as the core of the Backup System.

The MNBE-D starts out just being a Battery Box. I add the MidNite Solar Backup Kit "Large" which includes brackets, breakers & bus bars... I add all the wire and follow the schematic...

The Magnum Inverter is fast becoming one of my favorite units to work with. The ME-RC50 Remote Control is so easy to use. The Rotating Dial makes it a snap to select a menu choice. The user friendly plain English menus are an example of how things should be implemented! The HUB-free system saves money as well!

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