MidNite Solar MNPV Series 3, 6 12 & 15 Circuit Combiners

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MNPV3 PV Disconnect

The MNPV3 is also a great right-sized PV Disconnect box. Like its big brother, the MNPV3 can handle breakers and fuse holders. The MNPV3 also includes a dead front.

Customize the MNPV3 to use 3 or 4 breakers

Dimensional Drawing: 3-071-1_mnpvchassis3.pdf

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MNPV6 PV Disconnect

The MNPV6 is a great right-sized PV Disconnect box developed by MidNite Solar.

The MNPV6 can handle breakers, of course, but also can handle touch safe fuses for high voltage applications.

The dead front (breaker or fuse cover to protect the wiring) helps protect the inside parts and prevent shock.

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MNPV6 Examples

Sure, the MNPV6 can be used as a PV Disconnect. It can also be used for Wind. The MNPV6 is a perfect Stop switch box. The MNPV6 has plenty of room for a Surge Protector and room to bend larger diameter wire. Don't tell anyone I crammed this much stuff in a MNPV6 in that last photo!...

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The MNPV12 adds more capacity and easier dual circuit split. It can handle both breakers and fuse holders...


The MNPV12-HV accommodates the new 300Vdc Breakers from MidNite


The MNPV16-HV is huge! and can handle the new 300Vdc Breakers from MidNite


MNPVs Explaned: MNPV_Explained_2008-12-20.pdf

Installation Instructions: MNPV_Instructions12008-03-23.pdf


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