MidNite Solar MNPV6 & MNPV3 PV Disconnect

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MNPV3 PV Disconnect

The MNPV3 can normally hold 3 DIN RAIL DC (or AC breakers) -or- even any other DIN RAIL type device that can fit inside the box.
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Super Size the MNPV3

Adding room for more breakers is straight forward. The standard MNPV3 has DIN RAIL long enough for 3 breakers. The DEAD FRONT, though, is punched for 5 breakers.
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Remove the DIN RAIL

1. Use vise grips to hold the rivet from spinning.
2. Use a drill to remove the rivet head on the back side of the box.

3. Cut DIN RAIL to length, about 4.25" will do it. (DIN RAIL? Where do I get that?? Try this link...) or www.digikey.com.
4. Mount the DIN RAIL using either Rivets or Bolt+Nut. I used the latter. A flat (flush) head machine screws and used Loctite on the nuts to prevent them from loosening. Line up the new din rail with the old din rail before you remove it to mark the mounting hole locations.
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Add the Breakers

5. Mount the breakers to the box. In this photo, the fourth breaker was mounted to the far left in slot "I". Slot "II" was not used in this example.
6. You might reverse the PV Bus Bar as shown in the photo. We added an insulator to the side of the box near the lug.
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Add the Breakers

7. Now the hardest part, cutting the dead front for the extra openings.
8. I drilled 1/4 holes along the center line of the knockout (it is not really a knockout since you can't just knock it out...)
9. Using a sharp box knife, I cut the material between the holes and slowly opened the knockout until it was clean and straight.
10. The best tool for this job would be a Dremel Tool with Tungsten Carbide cutter like this one: 9902. (Remind me to fix the Dremel Tool...)


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The finished Project:

11. With the extra breaker, this small box can be connected to the 3 series strings of PV panels on one side and to the charge controller on the other. There is still room for a lightning arrestor... Photo Pending...
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