MidNite Solar Mini-DC Disconnect

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The Mini-DC can be used with many inverter types and brands. The Mini-DC solves the toughest problems facing most renewable energy situations: The DC disconnect parts are hard to find or are quite expensive.

The Mini-DC line is available with three basic configurations: 125A, 175A or 250A main DC breaker. All configurations include an Aluminum Chassis and non-load-bearing door.

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Mini-DC Instruction Manual

The Mini-DC instruction Manual MNDC_Instructions.pdf

Mini-DC layout diagrams

The Mini-DC. It can use any inverter, but does not have any AC bypass or connection. The inverter needs to be mounted by itself.
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Mini-DC example photos

The Mini-DC can be used for cabins, RVs and other straight forward applications to provide a safe disconnect and protect the DC wiring, inverter and Batteries.

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