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The Baby gets Big

The smallest box out there, the Baby Box by MidNite Solar is now helped by the new Big Baby Box... Using DIN RAIL as the mounting method, you can use DC & AC breakers and even other DIN RAIL mounted items...

MidNite makes a variety of small boxes:
Baby Box, the original for DIN Rail Breakers
Big Baby Box for DIN Rail Breakers
Quad Box for Panel Mount Breakers

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Big Baby layout diagrams

The Big Baby is just right for that add on project.
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Big Baby Example Photo

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Left Photo: Twin MX60 (one is a FLEXmax60) Charge Controllers. With Input, Output and GFP Breakers.
Center Photo:
Twin XW-MPPT-60 Controllers fed with In, Out and GFP, plus one C40 in diversion mode, just in case Hydro goes crazy!
Right Photo: pending

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