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Bronze Casting is my newest interest, and one of the oldest "technologies" for making the tools that changed the world..

THE ART. . .
A Wax Carving is created. The wax is a mixture of beeswax and paraffin.
The wax figure is mounted in a SPRU, which is like wax straws that will allow to bronze to flow into the piece. The figure and spru are coated with ceramic and fired into a hard mold. During the firing process, the wax is melted away, leaving an exact mold of the figure.
Bronze (mixture of copper and tin (or maybe other metals)) is melted in a crucible. w2b_melt.jpg (42927 bytes)
. . .
The mold is pre-heated just before "the pour". w2b_preheat.jpg (42900 bytes)
. . .
Molten Bronze is poured into the mold. The Pour
. . .
After the mold cools, the mold is roughly removed from the piece and will be cleaned more delicately later. w2b_pound-vest.jpg (43672 bytes)
. . .
A patina can be added to the piece to make it uniform in color and to give it more character.
A Bronze Figure is created. Title 8th Century B.C. Technically this is a "mixed media" piece since I used Bronze, Oak and Limestone.
. . .

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