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Painting is my newest and oldest interest. I start and hobbled and then I stopped. It is hard. Sometimes, I can understand the paint and sometimes, I just don't know what to do. Maybe I should take a class.

Here are some paintings from a while back. I have few more that need to be photographed.

Girl on a Stroll. . .
Girl on a Stroll: This is a copy of the painting I saw in an Museum Catalog. This is the third one I have painted. I think the original artist (Michelle Tosser (SP?)) did a great job showing her relaxing as she walks. I enjoyed being there with her (in the painting).

Girl on Stroll 2002-mvrck.jpg (61027 bytes)

Lips. . .
Lips: Right before she says her first word to you, she smiles.

Lips 2002-mvrck.jpg (42054 bytes)

Bridge Over Stream. . .

Bridge over stream 2002-mvrck.jpg (74431 bytes)

Bridge Over Stream: Quiet, slow moving water, private bridge at the rear of the property. Too bad it is only a painting.
. . .

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