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Say what? This interest came out of fun and common sense.
I needed more furniture for the our larger house. I see piles of scrap wood nearby as other houses are being built. Why not make some furniture from this scrap wood?
I came up with my own designs, based on some basic early American style pieces. Here are some pieces, see if you can see the basic design concept in this work.

Tables. . .
Small Tables: Every corner of the house needs a small table. There are lamps, nick-nacks, speakers, TVs; all of which need somewhere to be. The table can be just functional but also have some style, that hopefully fits within its environment. Side_Table_D.jpg (10811 bytes) Side_Table_L.jpg (10351 bytes) Side_Table_O.jpg (10632 bytes) Side_Table_W.jpg (21735 bytes)
Desks. . .
Sometimes, I get inspired to make something different. I needed a desk for my computer, but I like minimal clutter and clean lines. My answer, this solid old table top desk with dove-tail construction, finished in a mahogany stain and tung oil.

CPU_Desk_2.jpg (57095 bytes)

Shelves. . .
Sometimes, one just cannot find the right shelf. I made this one jus to hold CDs, but it is made from solid Oak, to match the other pieces in the room. Have you ever seen a solid Oak CD shelf? CD_Rack_O.jpg (62887 bytes)
Desk. . .
My wife really wanted a sewing desk. Using cabinet grade oak plywood, she gets a high quality, solid desk, I only spend $300. Sewing_Desk_L.jpg (24191 bytes)
. . .

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