Welcome to the Maverick Solar DIY Workshop!
Our specialty is helping the Do-it-yourself solar enthusiast. Learn more about the products available and the technologies involved in making your own power...
 The Basics What's New! Systems!
  Solar Electricity

Grid-Tie Solar
· Design Your Own Grid-Tie System
  (Using a String Inverter)
· Design Your Own Grid-Tie System
  (Using a Micro Inverter)
  · Example System - Roof Mount

  · Example System - Ground Mount

Off-Grid Solar
· Design Your Own Off-Grid System

Grid-Interactive Solar
· Design Your Own Grid-Interactive System

Solar Hot Water
· ART-TEC DTC-1 Pump Controller
· EL SID DC Pumps
· Solar Hot Water Basics

· Example SDHW Drainback System

Wind Power
· Air-X & EZ-Tower
· Betz' Law Notes
· Chinook T200
· Whisper 200 Install

Library of the Sun
· Basic Solar Power Systems
· Batteries & Enclosures
· Battery Cable Construction
· Books
· Charge Controllers
· Generators & Chargers
· LED Lighting
· Metering
· Panel Mounting Systems
· Solar Electric Panels
· Solar Pathfinder
· Tools for DIY
· Wires & Cables

Manufacturer's Corner

· Apollo T80

· Exeltech XP Series

· Enphase Micro-Inverters

· AGS-Auto Gen Start

· Baby Box
· Big Baby Box
· Classic Charge Controller
· e-Panel Tutorial
· Mini-DC Disconnect
· MNBE Battery Boxes
MNPV Combiners Boxes
· Quad Box

· ProStar Charge Controller
· Remote Meter RM-1
· SunSaver MPPT 15L Controller
· SureSine 300W Inverter
· TriStar Charge Controller
· TriStar MPPT Controller

· FX Inverters
· FLEXpower ONE
· FLEXware
· FLEXmax 80 Charger
· FLEXnet DC
· HUB Communication Manager
· MATE Remote Control
· MATE 3 System Display
· MX60 Charge Controller
· PSPV Array Disconnect


· GT String Inverters
· SW Systems
· XW Systems
· XW Charge Controller

Global Sales Partners
Renovables del Sur
 · Madison Solar Engineering


· Bumped to the TOP:
Our Testing is complete on the PRODUCTION version
of the Classic Solar & Wind Charge Controller
- Now Shipping!! (No really)

RE-plug™ Portable Renewable Energy Interconnection
Standard Proposal

Meet the NEW TriStar MPPT Controller.
Build-in Ethernet, Serial Port, MODBUS, NO FAN,
Large Wiring Compartment.

We highlight one of our recent Enphase Micro Inverter
. These systems are perfect for DIY!

MidNite Solar MNBE-D Battery Enclose / Backup
Kit -
Learn More about this expandable system!

Meet the MidNite Solar XW e-Panel

Meet the Outback Power FLEXmax 80

· Meet the Outback Power FLEXware 500

Meet the Apollo Solar T80 TurboCharger

· Beth's Solar Powered Gas Pump Style Recharge Station
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle taken to a whole new level...

· Ole's Cabin in Norway
Example Cabin System using the MidNite Solar Mini-DC.

· George's Cabin System
Another Cabin using the Mini-DC

· "Ike-Pak" Emergency Power
Example Emergency Power System Using an Igloo Cooler. Built in response to Hurricane Ike.

· Solar Powered Airstream
RVs like Solar and this classic is no exception.

· Example "Tim's" Backup System
Example Backup System Using MidNite Solar Mini-DC DC Disconnect.
This system powers the backup loads and runs in "HBX" mode.
· See another system based on the Mini-DC located in Puerto Rico
· See another system based on the e-Panel located in Hawaii

· Example "Isle of Elle" Cabin System
Example Cabin System Using MidNite Solar e-Panel DC Disconnect. Located in South Carolina, this system powers the Island's water, lights & shop.

· Example "Two Creeks" Cabin System
Example Cabin System Using Outback Power PS2AC & PS2DC Power Panel. Located in Texas, this system powers the refrigerator, water, lights & office.

· Example Maverick's Grid-Interactive System
One Outback GVFX3524 Inverter with PS2 Disconnects, Mounting Plate, MX60, HUB & MATE and 2.73 Watt of Solar Panels.

· Example "Mike's" Grid-Interactive System
One Outback GVFX3524 Inverter with Complete PS2 Disconnects, 8 each L16s and 10 75W PVs.

Misc Systems
· Solar Powered Garden Wagon
You read that right. A Demo System on wheels.

· Lawn Mower Powered by the Sun
Modern way of cutting the Grass

· RV Solar Systems
Provides for basic lights and can power the coach a few hours a day.

· Remote Power
Light at the barn, no wires to run or ditch to dig...

· Electric Fence
Solar Power can be used for just about anything!

e-mail me your photos... Let's showcase your system...

 Maverick's Personal Interests Something Different
  · Making Furniture
· Painting
· Sculpture (Bronze)
· Horses (BEHS)


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