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Exeltech XP125
Solar Light Application

Left Image: PC used to upgrade software on SunSaver MPPT controller for Night Light controller software.
Center Image: Battery Bank. 24V nom with 4 each 116AH AGMs, wired series/parallel.
Right Image: Wiring compartment with SunSaver, DC Breakers, Relay and XP125 Inverter to handle the Standard 120VAC CFL bulbs.

Left Image: System Schematic.

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Exeltech XP600

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Exeltech XP1100


Exeltech XP1100
Remote Power Station

Left Image: Layout of components to make sure it all fit on the back-plate.
Center Image: Wire all the items together and power up to test the operation.
Right Image: Final Assembly to the next step (add battery bank and outer metal work...)

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Exeltech XP2000

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