Enphase Micro Inverter Installation - Tilt-leg Roof Mount

Ground Mount Version - Roof Mount - Tilt-leg Roof Mount

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Micro Inverters Rule the Entry Level System Category

Enphase has found a great niche in the small DIY system market. The Enphase Micro Inverter can be as little as one Inverter and as large as 100s of them.

This customer has a unique roof layout, and the challenge was where to place the system.

This nice starter system has 5 224W modules and 5 M190 inverters. They system is expandable to 15 based on the existing roof structure.

Below is the step by step process for a basic installation. Other Mounting methods include Pole Mount, Ground Mount and others...

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Make a Plan


Left Image: This roof is too far East.
Center Image:
This roof is too far West. In a larger system, it is ok to split the array East & West. That is the beauty of the micro inverter!
Right Image: This is roof is mostly South, but Flat.

Good support is worth it.


Left Image: Layout the Array to match the sun angle.
Center Image: Erect the tilt up legs.
Right Image: Racking completed and enphase inverters mounted.
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The Good Stuff


Left Image: Wiring the ground wire is the finishing touch on the array.
Center: The Enphase inverter makes for a neat and well designed component of a great system.
Right: The Tilt Leg design can also be designed to be adjustable.
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Almost there.


Left Image: This old house needed a service upgrade before the utility/city would allow back-feed. (You would agree, if you saw the old parts).
Center Image:  Almost ready for inspection.
Right Image: Past Inspection!


Make some power!


Next, connect the Enphase Envoy, a data collection tool. This box communicates to all the inverters via the power-cord between the Envoy and the inverters. It collects energy harvest data as well as diagnostic information. This Envoy is the new oval shaped plastic box. The old unit was built like a tank (pictured as well...)

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Finally, the best part. Envoy also talks to the Enlighten website (for a small annual fee).

This software will display energy harvest over time for each inverter, has cool movies of the days sun path and will alert you when it knows something is not right (or thinks so based on the data trends).

You can also share the web link with your friends or check up on your system while at work, errr, I mean not at home!

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