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Outback MX60

Outback makes two Charge Controllers. The MX60 was the first one they made, primarily designed by Bob Gudgel. That Charge Controller changed the world, and with over 33,000 sold worldwide as of January 2008, it is the standard high power MPPT controller.

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Apollo T80

Apollo Solar can out with the first controller to exceed the MX60 in specifications by a great degree. It 80 Amp @ 40C spec beat the MX60's 60A @ 25C by about 50%

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Xantrex XW-MPPT60-150

Xantrex has been working for few years, it seems like, on their new XW line. It has shipped now and their new Charge Controller, the XW-MPPT60-150 is matching or beating most of the MX60 specs...

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