Mounting a Trimetric TM-2020 on an Outback Power PS2DC

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Step 1 I chose to mount the Trimetric TM-2020 where the MATE normally would be mounted. (My MATE is mounted in the bedroom...)

I wanted the Trimetric to be flush with the front of the PS2DC, so I drilled new holes for the MATE mounting bracket.

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Step 2

I mounted the Trimetric Double Gang box the MATE bracket. I recommend buying the Trimetric Double Gang box, since I was not able to find this box at Home Depot...

Step 3

I had prewired two wires to the shunt when I installed the PS2DC, but if needed, you can add the shunt wire later. Be careful to shut the system down and disconnect the Positive battery cable at the battery bank before working on the shunt.

Step 4

I added a 1amp OBDC breaker to the PS2DC when I added the Trimetric meter. This gives me an easy way to turn it off if needed.

For more information see the installation instructions from Bogart Engineering.

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