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When adding batteries together in series, you can't add both voltage and current (if you do that is multiplying them together, not adding).

Mounting batteries in series adds the voltage but does nothing to the current capacity (it does increase the power, of course).

Take four 6v 210AH batteries... (6 x 210AH = 1260 Watt-hours each x 4 batteries = 5040 Watt-hours for all four))

1. Connect them in series you get 24V at 210AH (24 x 210 = 5010 Watt-hours)
2. Connect then in parallel you 6 x 840AH = 5040 Watt-hours.
3. Connect them two in series and then the two groups in parallel = 12V x 420AH = 5040 Watt-hours

Not matter how you connect the four batteries, you will not get more than 5040 Watt-hours...

Does that make sense?

Learn more about the different type of batteries: AGM, GEL, WET: Click Here

Want to dig deeper: Wikipedia entry for Baghdad Battery

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Sam's Club GC-2 (Golf Cart) Batteries made by Exide. Most small systems could start with this cheap learning battery. I had 8 in my small home system for over five years and then still work great in our shop powering up inverters and systems being tested for customers. I still have 4 in my RV, and they work great. Trojan also makes the equivalent battery, the T-105. Learn more about charging this type of battery here. Learn about making Battery Cables here or if you need custom length cables, contact us.

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Trojan HC-16 Batteries fixin' to be installed in Columbus, Texas. These are probably the most common off grid battery. There are many brands, but Trojan is trusted due to its long life and high quality.

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SEALED (Non-Spillable, Maintenance Free)

Concorde AGM
is one of the best batteries made. Borne of Military requirements, this battery is vibration resistant, crack resistant and all around a great batteries for small systems and large systems alike.

Concorde's Battery Sizing FAQ: sunextenderbatterysizingtips.pdf

Concorde Sun-Xtender Battery Technical Manual: Sun_Xtender_Battery_Technical_Manual.pdf Date: 2010-09-09

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WET (Spillable)
Rolls-Surrette is also a brand famous for high quality, long life and a great warranty. These are also available direct from Maverick Solar and will ship directly from Surrette. See for detailed specifications.

Learn More About Roll-Surrette Batteries from HomePower Magazine: Things That Work!


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