About Maverick Solar Enterprises, Inc.

Thanks for your interest in Solar Power. At Maverick Solar, our specialty is helping the Do-it-yourself solar enthusiast. You can build your own Renewable energy power plant using Solar, Wind, Hydro and other power components using items from our growing selection of Alternative Energy products.

Helping The Do-It-Yourselfer:
Code Complaint System Engineering
Load Calculation and Design
Renewable Energy Components for: Solar, Wind and Hydro
Pre-Wired Systems Also Available

Our Core Values: 
Committed to Customer Satisfaction 
Responsive Do-it-yourself inquiries 
Knowledgeable on what we sell

Our History: 
100% Committed to our customers since 2001 (on the web since 2006)
Fair shipping charges
Authorized Reseller helping the Do-it-yourselfer

Contacting Maverick Solar: 
 Phone:         512-919-4493
 Online Store: http://www.mavericksolar.com
 e-Bay Store: http://stores.ebay.com/Maverick-Solar?refid=store

We use the items we sell everyday and share our knowledge with others interested in Alternative Energy. Learn More About Solar Power.


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