RVs and Solar Power

RV power systems (just like Boats) have a need for simple 12VDC power and newer systems also require AC power. The lights on most coaches are DC and newer RVs have fluorescent fixtures and are quite nice. Radios are still usually 12Vdc, but most TVs are 120VAC. The microwave, DSS receiver, DVD player are all 120VAC. All this power equipment needs a good inverter and a strong battery bank

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RV PV Panels

RVs can use 1, 2 3, 4 or ...10 panels. How many will fit up on the roof and how many days of no sun do you need to make it through? On my RV, I have 3 75W Shell panels. I have room for 3 more, if I need additional power.

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RV Batteries

Sam's Club GC-2 (Golf Cart) Batteries. Whereas most small home systems could start with this cheap learning battery, the RV can benefit from this 'just right size' battery. Tied in a 2 x 2 configuration, I have a 12 volt bank that gives me 440Ah of storage. Except for the AC, I can run everything I need for a couple days without sun. The panels above keep things going and help me avoid the generator.

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RV Inverters

When my RV was built, the best inverter at the time was Heart Interface Freedom 20. This is a 2000W Modified Sine Wave inverter. It works ok for what I use it for. It has a great battery charger and I disconnected the normal "converter".

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RV Charge Controllers

Same with the CC-20B charge controller. Still works, but I dream of putting in a MX60 and a MATE...

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