Vintage Airstream Meets PV Module

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Airstream Rebirth

An Airstream was in the process of being reborn and the owner wanted to add solar and an inverter to quietly power some loads.

First step was to have the trailer revamped. Eric from TX Vintage Travel Trailer had his work cut out for him... The trailer was in poor shape and would be gutted (sometimes, extreme measures are necessary...).

Some measurements were made of the roof area and of the interior to get some idea where to mount things and how much room would be available for the power electronics and battery. Eric got to work, and I waited until he was ready for the PV Module and the inverter, etc.

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The Inverter

The inverter was situated at the passenger rear corner of the trailer, under the couch/bed, near the battery. The AC distribution box was located at the driver rear corner, where the AC cord comes in from the hookups/grid/generator.
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The Battery

An AGM Battery was used in the System since they are sealed, made for close quarters, etc. and require no maintenance. The Battery Cables were organized and the battery was positioned in its dedicated box at the rear of the wheel well. The battery is heavy and was located on the opposite side from the water tanks... Blocks were also added to prevent the battery from sliding during those precocious trips through the winding and bumpy roads.
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The Finish Line

Eric's team got the Airstream polished up and the panel fits in nicely atop the classic, the customer was ready to explore the world...
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